Michael_ToddIn May 2003, Todd Larsen and Michael Weiss moved from Southern California to Humboldt County located in Northern California. While researching about the move, they discovered that there was no central online site to help visitors and locals find queer friendly resources in Humboldt County. With this in mind, Todd and Michael created the Queer Humboldt website to originally provide a communication vehicle for the 2004 Humboldt Pride event for which they co-chaired. The 2004 Humboldt Pride event was the largest pride event Humboldt County had ever seen, with over 1,200 attendees and 200 parade members. Pictures of the event are in the Queer Humboldt Photo Gallery.

After the 2004 Humboldt Pride event, Todd and Michael expanded the website to provide an extensive online resource for the queer community in Humboldt County. The website was then expanded to include visitor and relocation information as a result of the many inquiries and calls they received from people planning to visit or relocate to Humboldt County.

Queer Humboldt is an organization dedicated to providing resources for the queer community. We provide this website for the community to list local events, resources, groups, links, visitor information, news and pictures that will benefit the queer community. Queer Humboldt is a California non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. Donations to Queer Humboldt are tax deductible.

Why “queer”? For many this term is an epithet, an insult, a threat. For many, the word has been reclaimed, much like the pink triangle, which came from the Holocaust but now is deployed and displayed as a symbol of gay and lesbian pride and activism. The insult behind the word “queer” is to say that someone is not normal. In reclaiming “queer,” activists and academics declare that there is value in challenging the norm. For many the word is more inclusive, more plural, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and other categories and refusals of categories. For many the word is more politicized, more radical, than the other options.

From the November 2003 MQS (Multicultural Queer Studies) Minor Coming Out Party at HSU.

We appreciate our community volunteers, their time and their energy to help support the Queer Humboldt website. The Queer Humboldt organization has helped raise over $53,000 for local charities, including Humboldt County AIDS Task Force, Humboldt Community Breast Health Project, HIVkids, New Alzheimer’s Center of the Humboldt Senior Resource Center, the Youth Service Bureau’s RAVEN Project, the North Coast Rape Crisis Team and the Arcata Ridge Trail Project. For a list of donors who have contributed to Queer Humboldt and made these charitable donations possible, visit our donors page.

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Queer Humboldt is a qualified non profit 501(c)3 organization that relies upon donations for our community website and events. All tax deductible donations are greatly appreciated. If you’d like to help contribute to our ongoing efforts, we welcome contributions by credit card:

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