Two-Spirit Project

This is an evolving page as new programs and projects are developed to increase local capacity for uplifting our Two-Spirit relatives.

 We offer our thanks to Wiyot tribal leadership, the KTJUSD Rainbow Liaisons, Two-Feathers NAFS, The Two-Spirit Dry Lab, and countless community partners for bringing this project into being. 

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Learn more about Two-Spirit here and here 

Wiyot Tribe:  Gou Rrugulu's: 

Past Trainings and Events:

Photos from March 31st, 2023 - 

Hoopa High students participate in the National March for Queer & Trans Youth Autonomy

Here is the video of Harlan's talk from Friday, Oct, 21st at HUUF in Bayside.

Photo from the June, 2022 Two-Feathers Rainbow Extravaganza.