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 We are currently putting together a zine! 

Why? Well...

Some haters got all agro, escalating a climate of violence against queer people and our allies in Ferndale, resulting in Lost Coast Pride's drag fundraiser losing its venue (read more about that here). Not to fret, the Eureka Sisters of the Big Red Wood came together and hosted a beautiful community communion on Jan 22nd in Ferndale, with over 150 people in attendance, reminding us all that a small, hateful group of people do not get to decide what kind of place Ferndale is.

Since haters will not stop us from expressing our glorious queerness, you are invited to process your feelings about these events through art. We will put submissions together into a zine and sell as a fundraiser for Lost Coast Pride.

You can email your submissions to, or submit anonymously through this google form:

Please note there is no hard deadline on this project; we will collect submissions until we have enough to publish. 

Feel free to share the below flyer widely!

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We aim to spotlight local queer events, but since we are not the host of most of these, please exercise personal responsibility when choosing what to attend. 

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