Dear Community,

Queer Humboldt recently changed leadership and we are re-envisioning how we support our communities. We recognize the LGBTQ2+ rights movement has fallen short in supporting Native queer and Two-Sprit people. The new Queer Humboldt is centering the needs of our Black and Indigenous People of Color as we address queer rights in our region.

Thanks to the generosity of the Humboldt Area Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund, Queer Humboldt now runs a micro-grant program for individuals and groups seeking funding for queer related projects. We also now offer a community education program involving training, coaching, discussion groups and workshops on a range of topics. Starting late Spring, we are launching a sliding scale mental health program for individuals and families. We recognize there are already individuals doing the work of increasing safety and inclusion for queer community members and we are happy to offer background support as well, such as by sponsoring Native only discussion groups, collaborating on internal trainings, and networking individuals across sectors.

We understand that romance, family, and gender are deeply rooted in culture and traditions, so we reach out today to ask, how can we help? We appreciate ideas/feedback around what programs/services would be helpful moving forward. In this spirit, we are holding a series of listening sessions, so that we may learn about the needs and hopes of queer people and those who love us in Humboldt and the surrounded tribal areas. Email us at to arrange a listening session, or to schedule a training. Please feel free to share this invitation with anyone who may be interested.

We believe that decolonizing heteronormative ideals of love, sexuality and gender is necessary for the health and restoration of our world. At Queer Humboldt, we practice an intersectional approach to liberation; when any of us are oppressed, we all suffer. Please let us know if there are opportunities for us to be allies or accomplices in the work you are doing.

We hope to be a resource and to work in solidarity with you.

Just Peace,

Lark M. Doolan, Exec. Director

Tai Parker, Board President

Levia Love, Board Treasure

Cori, Board Member