Grants & Mutual Aid

Micro Grants and Mutual Aid

Queer Humboldt offers micro-grants for queer people and causes in Humboldt County and the surrounding tribal areas. Need money for a chest binder, queer themed picture books for a classroom, legal name change fees, or... ?

We invite individuals and groups to apply; click the link below if interested! Please know it can take a couple of months for our grant's team to meet and make decisions. If your request is time sensitive, please email us so we are aware.

Micro-Grant Application

Genderqueer Youth Employment Grant

For small local businesses who are committed to providing a gender affirming work environment and who hire genderqueer teens so they may gain work experience without having to navigate additional transphobia. Click link below to apply. The grant covers:

  • $10/hr of employee's salary for up to $200/month for three months of employment,

  • background support for the employer and/or employees, including job coaching, consultation and allyship training (optional),

  • free advertise for participating businesses (optional).

Gender Queer Youth Employment Grant Application