Hate Event Reporting Portal

Bigotry is alive and well here on the Pacific North Coast of California. 

People who are targeted by hate are often told that reporting to law enforcement is the only option for having their experience documented. There needs to be another way. That is why this local bigotry incident reporting portal was created, with funding from the State of California's Stop the Hate program.

When bigotry is turned against a person or group because of who they are (their race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, ability, age, immigration status, etc.) a hate event has taken place. When bigotry of any kind happens in our community, you are invited to share your first person story with us using the link below.

We anonymously use these stories to build prevention and intervention services, educate our community, document patterns/trends, collaborate with community partner organizations (like racial affinity group organizations), and provide healing spaces for people impacted by hate. 

Each entry is timestamped when you hit "submit," so if you end up wanting proof of your timestamped documentation in the future, email info@queerhumboldt.org