Mental Health Services

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Therapy Services:

Queer Humboldt offers sliding scale individual, couples and family therapy for 2S/LGBTQIA+ people AND the caretakers/parents of queer youth. If you are interested in accessing therapy services, please fill out the following referral form: 

Therapy Referral Form 

Meet our Clinicians 

Aisha Candrian Morton

Aisha Candrian Morton (she/they) is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC47668.)

Aisha has been working as a therapist for over 20 years, both in Humboldt County and Hawaii. She considers herself a holistic therapist, offering a diverse range of skills to her clients, meeting their needs

with care and compassion, knowing it is her job to assist them in their self discovery. Aisha finds great joy in holding space for people in the transitions and identity explorations that come no matter what age or developmental stages of life they may be in.

Aisha works with clients from age 5 up offering trans health care, Identity exploration, healthy relationships and communication, trauma informed therapy, management of stress, anxiety and depression support, body centered therapy, mindfulness, ADHD/attention management, holistic health

and healing, treatment of disordered eating, EMDR, Art therapy, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and more!

Lark Doolan

Lark Doolan (he/him, AMFT133525) is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist working under the supervision of Aisha Morton, LMFT MFC47668.

Lark uses a relational, psycho-dynamic approach, incorporating elements of experiential, somatic and mindfulness based therapy. 

Lark works with a range of client populations, including clients building trauma resilience, clients developing skills for living with neurodivergence, clients managing life stress/major life transitions, youth, families in transition, and couples exploring non-heteronormative relationship dynamics. 

Lark moved to unceded Wiyot Land after being raise on the ancestral Land of the Muwekma Ohlone. 

Sara Goodrich

Sara Goodrich (she/they, ACSW 116372) is an Associate Clinical Social Worker working under the supervision of Aisha Morton, LMFT MFC47668.

Sara offers a variety of strengths-based therapeutic tools aimed to increase your innate resilience. In their work with clients, Sara explores the goals to which clients aspire and find the tools that resonate with them. These tools may include: nature-based interventions, body-based therapeutic practices, and rituals for emotions and life transitions.

At the same time that Sara recognizes that individual work is critical, healing is a community project. Sara is particularly passionate about working to build an inclusive culture in which everyone is empowered to be their authentic selves. Sara recognizes that social conditions are deeply connected to both individual and community wellbeing. With this recognition, Sara prioritizes working with clients that have the experience of feeling othered by normative culture. 

KC McLean

KC McLean (she/they) is a marriage and family therapist trainee working under the supervision of Aisha Morton, LMFT MFC47668.

KC is drawn to strength based, narrative and somatic therapies. She has many years of experience working with holistic, mindfulness and wellness practices. She believes the therapeutic relationship is important and feels very grateful to be a part of building and uplifting the queer community in Humboldt. 

North Coast Rape Crisis text line: 707.382.5174 

Please text Monday -Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm to speak with a counselor.

Are you a queer therapist who's licensed in California and interested in donating one session a week for our sliding scale therapy services? Or are you an intern/trainee or associate interested in accumulating hours with Queer Humboldt's mental health program? 

Email us to express interest at